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        Hongkun has been dedicated into the research and development of special antioxidants, in order to provide a better solution to long-term thermal stability and process thermal stability, as well as to offset the deficiency of the antioxidants of hindered phenol type and phosphite ester. And Hongkun also could provide customized compounds to different requirements from the end users.



        GRANDAO   245

        PU,   PA, PE, PVC, SBS, etc.

        good   process and long-term thermal stability, specially suitable in spandex

        GRANDAO   565

        SBS,   TPE, SIS, etc.

        specially   suitable for saturated and unsaturated rubbers and elastomer

        GRANDAO   1024

        PU,   PVC, PVB, NBR, etc.

        non-discoloring,   good thermal stability

        GRANDAO   1035

        LDPE,   XLPE, PP, HIPS, PVA, etc.

        low   discoloring, good thermal stability

        GRANDAO   1135

        PU   foams, etc.

        low   volatility, high compatibility

        GRANDAO   1098

        PA,   PU, PE, rubbers, etc.

        non-discoloring,   low volatility

        GRANDAO   1520

        BR,   NBR, SBR, SBS, etc.

        wide   applications

        GRANDAO   3114

        PE,   PP, PB, acrylic polymers, adhesives, etc.

        non-discoloring,   high extraction resistance

        GRANDAO   5057

        lubricants,conduction oild,motor oil, etc.

        low   volatility, high compatibility

        GRANDAO   802

        PP, HDPE,   etc.

        good   long-term thermal stability