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        CONTACT US

        Our Sales Center is located in city center of Qingdao, Shandong Province, where we could overlook the May 4th Square and the Olympic Sailing Center in which the 29th Olympic Sailing Games were held.

        Our Manufacturing Center is situated in Ling County Development Zone, Dezhou, Shandong Province. It is in the central region of North China Plain, with the convenient and efficient geographical location, which is 9km away from Dezhou East Station of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, 14km from Pingyuan Toll Station of Jing G2 Highway, 240km from Tianjin Port and 450km from Qingdao Qianwan Port.

        Sincerely welcome to contact us for further information.

        微信圖片_20190121172833.pngSALES CENTER
        Add    Room 2011, Top YIHE International Plaza, No. 10, Hongkong Middle Rd., Qingdao, 266 071, China

        Freddie Zeng | Manager
        Cell    86 - 136  6885  6063
        Tel    86 - 532  8503  0710
        Email    zengkai@hongkungroup.com

        微信圖片_20190121172847.pngMANUFACTURING CENTER
        Add    Beichen Rd., Ling County Development Zone, Dezhou City, 253 500, Shandong, China

        Nancy Yang | Manager, Supply & Sales
        Cell    86 - 131  8136  2674
        Tel    86 - 534  8321  838
        Fax    86 - 532  8282  618
        Email    nancy88@hongkungroup.com